Month: July 2017

Let it go!

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I’ve never liked conflict. I’m not one of those people who likes a good row. I prefer everyone to get along. I like harmony and generally I manage to keep things pretty amicable with most people (with perhaps occasionally the exception of my pre-teen son, but that’s for another day!)

However, I recently became angry about a situation. I was surprised by the intensity of the anger I felt and had to decide what to do with that emotion. As I’ve written about before, stress and MS are not happy bedfellows, so how was I going to stop these feelings becoming all consuming and actually making me ill?!

I could (and did for a while) ruminate on the situation, going over and over it in my mind planning hypothetical letters I could write or conversations I could have. 

But what does that achieve? 

Something Carrie Fisher said in her one woman show was “Resentment is like drinking a poison and waiting for the other person to die.” Now obviously I don’t want to be administering poison to myself or anyone else, but I think she makes a good point. Me being angry and resentful only hurts me. It has no influence on the person or people I’m angry at. In fact it gives them negative influence in my life by remote control!

So, in the words of Elsa I can chose to “let it go”. Stop the person or people living rent free in my head and focus on the positives. The family and friends who love me. The wonderful, inspiring people who I meet through the charity I run. The sunshine(!) Chocolate. Beautiful stationery. The fact that the new football season starts soon. 

These things bring me joy, which I think is far better.