Father’s Day 

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Father’s Day is a day of celebration and thankfulness for so many people and that’s great. However, for others it can be a day of sadness, regret, disappointment and pain. 
Some men are longing to be fathers but haven’t yet met a partner or are experiencing fertility problems, whilst others have experienced the devastating loss of a child. 

Some of us are blessed with great dads who love us, support us and nurture us, whilst others have difficult relationships with dads that generate feelings of rejection, hurt or never feeling good enough. Some people may have never known their dad or he may not be around for one reason or another. For others, like my son, this time of year is particularly poignant as their fathers have passed away. 

I’m incredibly lucky that I have a great dad. He is loving, kind, supportive and heavily responsible for my eclectic music taste and sense of humour (so if you don’t like either, you know who to blame!) We have a shared love of music, sport and all things quiz. He is competitive, funny and wise. He is a great dad, a fantastic grandad and a great role model for my son. 

This is even more necessary now as this is our fourth Father’s Day without my husband, and therefore my son’s fourth Father’s Day without his dad. He misses his dad desperately. He longs for him to be here to watch him play football or take him fishing. I was acutely aware on Father’s Day last year, as I spent most of day watching him play in a football tournament where he was surrounded by predominantly boys and their dads. There were some mums, but an awful lot of dads. Did he notice? I don’t know. I’m sure he must’ve done, but maybe he was focused on the football. But at the end as most boys and their families went home to celebratory  meals and barbecues my boy was going to take his card and present to the cemetery.

Today, will be a day of mixed emotions as we celebrate with a man who is a wonderful dad and grandad, but remember with sadness the dad who is missing from our family. 

So whether you’re celebrating what you have or grieving for what you’ve lost or for what might have been I wish you a peaceful Father’s Day blessed with love, hope and sunshine!

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    what i’m into – june – desertmum said:
    July 5, 2017 at 10:41 pm

    […] My friend Jo wrote an honest and moving post about celebrating Father’s Day with no Dad. […]

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